Carcassonne Grande Pharmacie de la Gare


Grande Pharmacie de la Gare – This pharmacy is easy to find situated five minutes’ walk from Carcassonne Railway Station and next to the Brasserie Rotunde which is on the corner of the main street in front of the station. So if your local pharmacy says that it cannot get the prescribed drugs, this is a good fall back.Please note many prescriptions that are issued for periods of three months or so are only obtainable on a monthly basis.

It is a good pharmacy to use in that it has an enormous selection of drugs and about eight pharmacists assisting at the back of this shop.

The original prescription should always be returned to you by the pharamacy. The pharmacy will note the amount issued on the back of the prescription, so that it can be re-presented the following month, so this should be kept in a safe place until the next time it is needed.
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