Friday, January 18, 2019

Quillan Filling Station & Garage Roosli for Car Repairs

This filling station is situated on the main road in Quillan. It advertises itself as a Peugeot Garage but in fact, repairs all makes. Two volunteers of the English Library have used this garage for repairs in the last two weeks.

Who pays for the tribunal costs in a land dispute? How much is...

Again because there is no precedent in French law, there are no fixed tribunal costs. It largely depends what experts are called on to give evidence during the tribunal. The person who brings the subject to the Tribunal pays for the Tribunal and would be responsible for paying the bill of any experts that would need to be called. That is why a lot of cases do not reach the Tribunal stage. If you have a parcel of land worth €4,000 - and your experts fees are also €2,000 - then it is may not be worth proceeding UNLESS you have "Juridique Insurance". However, if you have Juridique insurance, then most of the experts' fees should be covered by insurance - check the table of costs covered from your insurance company. Juridique insurance might also cover the part of the lawyer's fees for which you are responsible. The losing party at the end must pay part of your lawyer's legal costs.

Limoux Dentist Surgery

This dentist surgery is situated in a medical centre which is located on the avenue Oscar Rougé by the bridge crossing the Aude. It is very professional and you will be asked to rate your pain between 1 and 10 before being given an appointment which, if it is not urgent, may take up to 6 six weeks.

Upholsterer Carcassonne

Claire is an upholsterer and home decorator. She specialises in restoring chairs and decorative furniture, where her knowhow will be of great help to you.

Limoux Dietician University Diploma (DESS) Biologist

As nutritionist Patricia (Larcher) exercises and teaches the art and science of a healthy lifestyle - with food as a central pillar - to be well and live better. Patricia help you achieve your weight goals, a balanced diet and wellness. Patricia's website is one of the best translated websites in English on

Perpignan Hospital Perpignan

Open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:00 hours. Weekend and holidays 09:00 - 21:00 hours

France Did you Know?

Have you got an arm or leg injury which hinders you doing house work?

Leran Le Rendezvous Restaurant – Restaurant-Bar-Café Internet

Vegetarians are always welcome and never disappointed - something rare here in fine weather the terrace is perfect for a meal in the sun. You will be greeted by Marek Woznica while his wife Shirley is busy in the kitchen preparing the delights of the Day. 14.50euros The menu changes daily, offering at least 3 choices in each of starter, main course & dessert. always includes a vegetarian option. Pricing is the same for lunch and dinner. (You can read the daily menu on this site) All food is home cooked . An Internet connection is available as well as wireless access.

Couiza Vetinary PracticeCabinet vétérinaire

This vetinary service is just off the main road through Couiza. Parking is best near the café and school and then walk over to the surgery. Dr. Marie-Christine Webel speaks fluent English and is excellent with your pets. The receptionist and all the staff here speak perfect English. Please remember to carry your pet into the surgery and if you have not weighed it at home, to pop it onto the scales.

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