Thursday, June 20, 2019

Quillan Medical Laboratory

This laboratory is situated at the medical centre in Quillan which is located directly behind Quillan railway station in the square. The local doctors send patients here for blood tests. Make sure you have your carte vitale with you or proof of identity.

Upholsterer Lézignan-Corbières

Christine has been an upholster for 35 years, she will give you advice and follow all the steps to the fulfilment of your project.

Limoux Counsellor & Psychotherapist

MSc Counselling Psychology, MBACP Accredited Issues of loss, bereavement, stress, aniety, depression, life change, relationships, abuse, self-confidence.

Quillan Local Hospital

Visits are allowed every day between 12.00 - 20.00 hours. This hospital has s a big radiology department where out-patients go for their x-rays. This is round the back of the hospital. (For instance if you break your leg and are discharged after treatment from a hospital, you will most certainly have a surgeon's letter requesting an xray result after a period of time to see how it is healing. Another example of such a visit would be for a mammogram.You will have to visit your local hospital or telephone to make an x-ray appointment. When you go for this appointment, Quillan hospital actually gives the patient the x-ray 10 minutes after it has been taken. They also have an ambulance service. One member of the English Library had a sudden pain in her side whilst out and about in Quillan, and her husband drove her to Quillan Hospital where she was seen by two emergency doctors and then transferred by ambulance to the new Carcassonne Hospital. By the end of the day, she was transferred again to the Montreal Clinique in Carcassonne for further treatment and overnight! Quite often when a patient is discharged from a hospital such as the one in Carcassonne, a control appointment is made for a few weeks later, with a prescription for another follow-up scan to be made in advance of this appointment by the Radiology Department at Quillan hospital.

Campagne-sur-Aude Auberge des Cathars

Newly taken over by a British couple. They offer very reasonable lunch time menus with excellent food and from time to time organise special evenings such as with curry specialities.

Limoux Limoux Garden Centre (Jardinerie Jardifort)

This is probably the best garden centre in the area as it as a vast supply of hanging baskets, plants for the summer, as well as shrubs and trees.

Quillan Vet Practice

He speaks perfect English, is a pet vet and knows all about pet passports.

Jeweller Carcassonne

At this jewellers in la Bastide Saint Louis, you will find a workshop for both watch-making and repairs.

Carcassonne Carcassonne Centre Hospitalier

This is the new hospital in Carcassonne with 441 beds recently completed in June 2014 All the rooms are equipped with a telephone and a television. The hospital has a pharmacy, a laboratory and a steralisation unit. Some parts were handed over during January 2014, The cost of this new hospital is presently estimated to be increased by a further 15 million Euros. The new facilities should fulfil all the current and anticipated norms for the future and will represent a great improvement for both patients and staff over the old buildings. If you are going for an IRM scan - please be aware you need to park at the very back of the hospital near the IRM entrance and not at the front of the hospital - otherwise it will be a long walk!

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