Chalabre French Notaire with Excellent English


Maitre Benoit Duchan – If you are looking for a French notaire who speaks excellent English and who specialises in Property & Wills and Rights then this is the man to use. He comes highly recommended by several English speaking members of the English Library who have used his services and recommend him also for responding by email!It is a father and son practice. The father is Maitre Benoit Duchan who speaks excellent English and the son is Maitre Oliver Duchan.
Notaires, in France, are Public Officials appointed by the Ministry of Justice. The main difference between notaires and solicitors is that the former can act for both parties in a transaction. The notaire’s primary duty is to the state. His duty of care obliges him to be impartial and never favour one party.A notaire’s fees are also regulated by decree.
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