Chateau de Foix


Towering up on a rocky outcrop, this Castle dating back from the Middle Ages dominates the mediaevil town of Foix and offers a magnificent view of the Pyrenees.This impregnable fortress was built in the year one thousand. Its wall-walk, machicolations, battlements, terraces, lists, round tower, take you back to your childhood dreams. This was the residence of the counts of Foix, including the famous Gaston |Febus, poet and writer, and Henry III of Navarre, who became King of France as Henry IV.The Ariege department museum has several rooms decided to the building practices in the Middle Ages or to exhibitions. You will also be able to see Henry IV’s famous bed.

Building in |Febius’ day.
Gaston Febus, enlightened prince of the Pyrenees.
The worlds of King Henry IV.
Contemporary art exhibition.

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