Check The Roads Before You Set Off


This was especially useful during the inclement weather recently experienced in many parts of Languedoc Roussillon.

For the Aude call up the website You will then be presented with a map of the département which can be enlarged and zoomed onto the area in which you are travelling. A map will be shown and by placing the cursor on the road along which you wish to travel a small window will appear stating the condition of the road – in French. You can “test” in several places along your route to see if the road is passable (snow, landslips) or the state of the road surface (slippery, etc.). Road works and accidents are also indicated.

The service is available for all other départements as well, you merely change the number at the end of the web address to the number of the département in question – e.g 66 for Pyrénées-Orientales, 09 for Ariège, and so on.

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