Do you know the legal boundaries (bornage) on your land? Have you consulted the services of a géometre (land surveyor)?


ENGLISH LIBRARY ASSOCIATIONBibliothèque Anglaise de la Haute Vallée – A very recent quote from a land surveyor (a géometre) in Carcassonne for a member of the English Library was €1140 including 20% VAT for just under a hectare of land. There was no possibility of getting a reduction by ordering a joint assessment with a neighbour.However, should your neighbour have requested the boundary marking of his land, you will also be contacted by the géometre to request your presence on the day, together with a copy of your House Deeds. (They might ask for you to post this in advance but there is no obligation on your part as long as you have a copy on the day). They will do this for each neighbour who has land bordering the land to be measured – so there may be 15 – 30 people turn up on the day! You will be then be required to give your signature to the agreement of their measurements otherwise it has to go to a tribunal. This agreement is made up of several pages in French. It is your legal right to have a copy of this agreement once everyone has signed. If there is any absentee, the copy goes to the Mairie for the missing signature and then once all signed, a copy goes to all owners who have land bordering.

There usually will be two or three men from the Land Surveyor’s Office who will turn up with lots of equipment, and once they have carried out a GPS measurement and consulted all historic documents and spoken and agreed with all parties the boundaries, they will place several boundary markers called “bornes” into the ground. Bornes have a protected legal status and their destruction or unauthorised relocation is a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment and a heavy fine.

The process of bornage can be carried out either by agreement between two or more neighbours, or following intervention of a court of law.

The following are the contact details for the Company that quoted on the land for the member of the English Library:

S.a.r.l. Cabinet GUENERET
17 rue Mazagran
11000 Carcassonne

Tel. 04 68 10 32 32
Fax 04 68 10 32 31

Siret 452 668 601 00019
APE 7112A

They were complemented very much on their fast and friendly emails as well as telephone conversations.

All parties will then need to sign a plan agreeing to the changes. This is then registered at the land registry by a notaire.

Providing it is registered with the land registry, the new boundary will be legal.

In addition to the Geometre’s fees, you have to add those of the notaire and land registration

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