Fire Service Emergency – Sapeurs pompiers


Tel: 18

Sapeurs pompiers – ring them in case of fire, or for first aid in medical emergencies, such as traffic and domestic accidents.

80 % of the Fire fighters in France are volunteers.

In addition to fire fighting, the French fire brigade is trained and equipped to deal with medical emergencies and operate a paramedic service with an emergency ambulance.

They are therefore able to provide a general emergency service and are often the first on the scene of an emergency, especially in rural areas. They will coordinate the other emergency services and, if necessary, call in the specialised SAMU emergency medical service.

At Christmas the French give tips at their local fire station. In some villages the firemen come to sing carols at your door, and donations can be made.

In Summer, on the 13th and 14th July each fire station holds a huge party which anyone can go to. The tickets are not too expensive but all the funds go towards the Fire Service
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