In case of loss or theft of your UK Barclaycard


In case of loss or theft of your UK Barclaycard

Get in touch with Barclays Bank as quickly as possible if you think your bank cards have been lost or stolen so they can sort the problem for you.

Call them on 08700 104 503 1

Outside the UK dial +44 1928 584421
– the team is available 24 hours a day.

If you have Barclays Cardholder Protection you can call 0808 100 66 67 (outside the UK dial +44 1904 544 666) to report lost or stolen cards.

The line is open 24 hours a day and UK calls are free. You can reverse charges outside the UK.

Something to look out for
Even after you’ve reported your cards lost or stolen, keep an eye on your accounts for debit or credit card fraud. If you spot any transactions you don’t recognise, inform Barclays about them as soon as possible by contacting your branch or Telephone Banking if you’re registered.

Barclays can cancel your cards to stop thieves and fraudsters spending your hard-earned cash. They will also get replacement debit cards sent out and they should arrive in 2 working days if you live in the UK. For example, a debit card ordered on Monday will be received by first class post on Wednesday. A debit card ordered on Friday will be received on Monday morning by first class post.

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