Independent Admin Helpline Service available NOW


Kate – The English Library has had numerous requests for someone in the community who would be able to run an independent admin helpline service for expats in the area needing help in France.
The members approached “Kate” who lives locally ..Kate is bi-lingual, she has lived in France for 7 years. In her previous life she was a Solicitor and small business advisor and so Kate is used to paperwork. She has been advising friends and members of the English Library for some time now on an informal basis. The members felt that she could help a wider number of people with her know-how if her skills were advertised on the website.

The members of the English Library felt that such a service should not be free, so they asked Kate if she could charge a fee from €10 for translating letters and dealing with any action involved – i.e replying to a letter, emailing or phoning, and €20 for more complicated consultations, requiring a more detailed level of further assistance.

You can go to Kate or Kate can travel to you if you have mobility issues.

Kate knows that this stuff is scary to a lot of people – let her take the fear out of it for you.

So, if you are:

  • Worried about letters that you don’t understand?
  • Not sure how to get into the French health system?
  • Need an official letter written?

You can phone Kate on the number below or email her at the address shown below:

Tel.: 0468 20 6446 or mobile 0647 438145
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