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The Accueil Des Villes Françaises Limoux (AVF) – The Accueil Des Villes Françaises Limoux (AVF) is an organization that assists new residents to the area to adapt to French life.
There is an annual welcome for newcomers to the area which includes an introduction to Limoux and the Mairie and finishes with a free lunch for all participants, which is organized by by an AVF committee of volunteers from the existing membership.In addition to this there are various classes and activities that members can enjoy, the most important probably being the classes in French language, for those who do not already speak it, or those who would like to improve their capabilities. These classes are organized at five levels ranging from complete beginners to an advanced level.

As well as French, there are classes in Italian and Spanish for those who would like to learn these languages.

In addition to the language classes there are numerous activities throughout the year including trips to interesting sites inAude, quizzes, lunches and festive activities in season.

The AVF is always interested in having new members, and if you would like to join, the office is open for registration on Mondays and Thursdays from 14:30 hours – 17:00 hours.

David GOLDSWORTHY President and Public Relations
Jean-François FAU Vice President Responsible Service of newcomer
Jean-Bernard Toussaint Treasurer
Rose-Line LENTJES Internal Relations
Monique Lemoine Training
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