Motorway Electronic Pass ASF


Service Clients ASF – Have you been on the motorway and watched the neighbouring car whizz through the motorway toll booth without having to queue. Well you too can apply for an electronic pass if you have a French address and bank account.The company who issues these are called ASF (Autoroutes du Sud de la France) and have offices situated on several motorways. The nearest ASF boutique in this region is on the A9 at Rivesaltes rest area called “Aire de Pia”.(NOT at the Péage – but 3 kilometers further along in direction of Barcelona).
Take the time to visit one of these (make sure you have your Bank RIB i.e. bank account identity details and two proofs of your address in france e.g. electricity bill, French bank statement not older than 3 months. (Mobile phone bill not acceptable) and complete the form and you will then be issued with a device to stick on your windscreen.

Your account will then be debited monthly for any motorway tolls incurred – showing exact dates and times and amounts on the invoice. The service is free of charge except in the month where you used the motorway when there is a €2 surcharge for the month.

Or you can order it online under but you will have to wait 48 hours.

Or by telephone: 3605 From Londay to Saturday 08:00 – 20:00 hours.
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