Orange (France Telecom) English speaking service


09 69 36 39 00 inside France
or +33 5 62 16 49 08 outside France

If you have a problem with your telephone call France Telecom’s English speaking service. It is very good although in holiday times there can be a long wait. Also if you begin by asking for the call to be credited you might find you’re suddenly cut off

Very often you might find that the technician cannot help to solve a problem – it could be a software problem. He will then give you a free voucher number and ask you to take the voucher number and your Livebox and transformer to a local collection point such as Microcosme Computer Shop next to the English Library in Quillan, in order for you to get a new box/transformer in exchange. (This takes a couple of days in the post) or indeed, they might send it to you directly – it varies! Then when you have exchanged your live box, you will have to plug in everything and leave for at least 15 minutes to give the connection time to upload the new software in the livebox. You will then have to give your new 26 network key number and new livebox name into most of your wi-fi devices e.g. iPad, iPhone, laptops anew for the wi-fi connection to work.
If you want to report a fault online use website and click on the British flag.

Orange advises all its clients to use Chrome as a web browser which will automatically offer translations in French or the original language.

If you the help line is busy – you can do-it-yourself by pressing the re-start button on your livebox at the back, and then call up the Admin to your livebox by giving in this IP address in your URL address line:

You have to put a name and password first – this is the word “admin” for the name, and the first 8 digits of your wi-fi key (which is also written on the back of your livebox, and your instruction book).

This will then let you access the configuration of your livebox and confirm the reset. You will however, if you have reset your livebox, be asked for the address of the identifiant – and also a password (this is NOT your email password, but a password to the service) please see your livebox letter documentation for these two pieces of info.

You may have to re-enter the 26 digit wi-fi key number again on all your laptop/pc/mobile devices again!
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