Quillan at a Glance – 24-30 July/ Juillet 2017


This weekend sees the popular Romaria Fete Espagnole arrive at Quillan

Week at a Glance:

Wednesday/Mecredi 26 morning market

Book Club 7pm at 16 Rue Julien Baudru, Quillan

Thursday/Jeudi 27 night market/ marche sous la lune

Saturday and Sunday/ Samedi et Dimanche 29/30 Romeria Fete Espagnole
A varied and exciting programme of entertainment through Saturday and Sunday
Events include:
Procession a Cheval/ Horseback Parade
Jeux en Bois
Toureau Mecanique/ Mechanical Bull
Benediction des Chevaux/ Blessing of the Horses
Music and Dance Events
Food and drink stands

Full programme available at the Maison du Tourisme

Maison du Tourisme, Quillan

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