Quillan Filling Station & Garage Roosli for Car Repairs


Garage Roosli – This filling station is situated on the main road in Quillan. It advertises itself as a Peugeot Garage but in fact, repairs all makes.
Two volunteers of the English Library have used this garage for repairs in the last two weeks.One car was leaking burning oil like mad in the middle of the Gorge St. Lys and was red hot, and the insurance company sent out a truck to pick the car up, and the owner then instructed the truck driver to take it to this garage in Quillan. The garage took the car and liaised with the insurance company for a week’s car rental and then repaired the car for the total sum of €138. The owners were very pleased!

The other individual needed to have new brake pads, and the garage owner lent her a vehicle while it was being fixed for the day, and also presented her with a very reasonable bill at the end!
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