Tautavel Museum


Tautavel Museum has one of Europe’s largest prehistoric collection with multimedia shows, as well as full size reconstructions of prehistoric men and animals.The museum presents the whole history of mankind in Europe. The research has been carried out at Tautavel in the Caune de l’Arago, a cave situated overlooking the plain of Tautavel. The excavations that made the site famous began in 1961 and which resulted in the discovery of the skull which is related to Homo erectus.
There are over 21 exhibitions in this museum examples of which are : Man in the Universe, the First Humans, the first inhabitants of Roussillon”, The Caune de l’Arago, Prehistoric research, Hunting at the time of the Tauteval Man, the Neanderthal Men, as well as an exhibition of metal age.
There are audio guides in English and there are also diaoramas, audio-visual displays, as well as a shop.


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