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France Accountants – FranceAccountants specialise in the completion and submission of income tax returns for France for residents or non residents. The current French tax returns, for the year 2013, are due by 31st May 2014 for residents of France and 30th June for non-residents, with extensions granted for online filing via the French Tax Office (Impots) system. The French tax year is equal to the calendar year.
Their accounting and tax services:

  • Preparing and lodging of French tax returns.
  • Registering businesses at the French tax and social security administration.
  • Accounts preparation and bookkeeping.
  • Tax advice for individuals who are considering moving to France.
  • Tax consultation for small and medium sized businesses in France.
  • Translation of documents from French to English.
  • French company formation.

Income Tax (Impôt sur le Revenu)

Both residents of France and non-residents with French property or income are obliged to submit an annual income tax return. The French tax year is equal to the calendar year. The presentation deadlines are as follows:


Residents of EU/ Mediterranean countries/ Africa/ North America- 30th June.
Residents of other countries- 15th June.
Our charge before VAT for the preparation and submission of the annual return is 130 Euros.

For paper returns, the deadline is the end of May. An extension is granted for returns filed by internet.
Their charges before VAT are 180 Euros for a single return, and 235 Euros for a family return.

If you would like them to complete and file your tax return, please complete tehir Tax Questionnaire and return to them by fax or e-mail. Returns can be submitted from when the Tax Office releases them in late April/ early May 2014.

After they file your Tax Return, the Tax Office will calculate the tax due and send you a payment notice, avis d’imposition. The date of issue is mid-late September. In the event that tax is payable the payment notice will include a payment slip for you to present at your French bank. We can also order the payment online for an additional charge of 50 Euros plus VAT.

Wealth Tax (Impôt de solidarité sur la fortune)

Residents of France are subject to Wealth Tax on their worldwide net assets, although there are now exemptions available for the first five years of residence, please contact us for details.

Non-residents only pay Wealth Tax on their French net assets.

Eligible assets include property; cash in deposit accounts and other financial investments. Business assets are generally exempt.

You need to declare if your taxable net assets are over € 800,000. The deadlines are as follows:

Residents of France June 15th
Residents of other EU countries July 15th
Residents of other countries August 15th
Our charges to file this return, before VAT, are 180 Euros for a single return, and 230 Euros for a family return.

Unlike income tax, Wealth Tax is payable by self-assessment and the tax due is payable at the same time as your return is filed. If you wish to pay this direct to the Tax Office by bank transfer or cheque, we will give you payment details. Alternatively, we can pay the tax for you at an additional charge of 50 Euros plus VAT.
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