Want To Brush Up Your French?


Do you need to build confidence in your spoken French?

Or perhaps your French just needs dusting off a bit?

Either way, the English Library (Grande Rue, Quillan, opposite ‘Le Palace’ on le Pont Vieux) holds relaxed and informal session for English speakers to improve their conversational French. Aimed at helping to integrate people into the local community, you’ll be in good company at these weekly events and you’re certain to gain some communication skills

There are two hour-long sessions on Wednesday afternoons:

1pm – 2pm for French people wishing to speak English, and 2pm – 3pm for English-speaking people wishing to speak French.

These are aimed at those who already have a grasp of the language, and is to give them the opportunity to practice, and to make mistakes, so they can be corrected

So far we have had no takers from the French, but are pursuing the cause. The course for the English is being well attended

Pat, English Library