Who pays for the tribunal costs in a land dispute? How much is the tribunal?


ENGLISH LIBRARY ASSOCIATIONBibliothèque Anglaise de la Haute Vallée – Again because there is no precedent in French law, there are no fixed tribunal costs. It largely depends what experts are called on to give evidence during the tribunal.

The person who brings the subject to the Tribunal pays for the Tribunal and would be responsible for paying the bill of any experts that would need to be called. That is why a lot of cases do not reach the Tribunal stage. If you have a parcel of land worth €4,000 – and your experts fees are also €2,000 – then it is may not be worth proceeding UNLESS you have “Juridique Insurance”.

However, if you have Juridique insurance, then most of the experts’ fees should be covered by insurance – check the table of costs covered from your insurance company.

Juridique insurance might also cover the part of the lawyer’s fees for which you are responsible. The losing party at the end must pay part of your lawyer’s legal costs.Much of what goes on at the tribunal though is done through documentary evidence only.

Some land disputes might take months before getting a tribunal date.englishlibrary@orange.fr

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