Thursday, May 13, 2021

Registering your car in France

A 72 year old British man tries to register his old second car in Carcassonne after having changed the registration of his other car to a French one some 9 months ago without any problem.. He is sent on a wild goose chase for a tax certificate in respect of VAT paid on the purchase of his second hand car in England before finally the Carte Grise was handed over, but what was the balance? One extra and totally unnecessary return journey from his home to Carcassonne - 150 kms: one return journey Carcassonne to Limoux and back - 50 kms: a waste of 6 hours of his time: wear and tear on the car and a considerable expenditure of nervous energy consumed in countering the ridiculous arguments of those at the Carcassonne Préfecture and the Cité Administrative.

Quillan Car Body Shop – specialist in painting and tuning. Free Quotes.

This car body shop is situated in the z.I. Plage Sud directly opposite Bricolage in Quillan.

Quillan Break Down Service – 24 hour service. Individual cars and vans...

Very personal service and not just for Renault cars but for all makes of vehicle. One member of the English Library recently took their car in to mend a windscreen wiper, and they did it on the spot. Another had this Company turn up on their car accident insurance plan - the battery had gone flat at home through the lights being left on. They arrived promptly and worked efficiently to solve the problem.

Carcassonne Transport for the Disabled in the Carcassonne Cité

Two specially adapted electric golf trolleys (mobil'navettes) will now be available to transport those with handicaps in and around the ancient Cité of Carcassonne during the Summer months.

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