Public Holidays in France in 2017

The French for: bank holiday/public holiday/legal holiday is un jour férié.

Most French organisations and businesses close on public holidays. Some supermarkets may be open in the morning.

Essential services like hospitals and police stations do not close.

Watch out for public holidays which fall on a Tuesday or a Thursday because many businesses run short of staff because of people taking a very long weekend”!

Sunday 1/1/2017 New Year’s Day National holiday
Friday 4/14/2017 Good Friday Local holiday
Sunday 4/16/2017 Easter Day Observance
Monday 4/17/2017 Easter Monday National holiday
May 5/1/2017 Labor Day / May Day National holiday
Monday 5/8/2017 WWII Victory Day National holiday
Thursday 5/25/2017 Ascension Day National holiday
Sunday 6/4/2017 Whit Sunday Observance
Monday 6/5/2017 Whit Monday National holiday
Sunday 5/28/2017 Mother’s Day Observance
Sunday 6/18/2017 Father’s Day Observance
Friday 7/14/2017 Bastille Day National holiday
Tuesday 8/15/2017 Assumption of Mary National holiday
Wednesday 11/1/2017 All Saints’ Day National holiday
Saturday 11/11/2017 Armistice Day National holiday
Sunday 12/24/2017 Christmas Eve Observance
Monday 12/25/2017 Christmas Day National holiday
Tuesday 12/26/2017 St Stephen’s Day Local holiday
Sunday 12/31/2017 New Year’s Eve Observance
Sunday 10/29/2017 Davlight Saving Ends Clocks go backward
Sunday 3/26/2017 Daylight Saving starts Clocks go forward